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Light Show Edutainment

Make your next in person meetup the opposite of boring. Evoke profound emotions.

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One Future

Necker Island

Real time ai generation for presentations.

Transforming slides into engaging video no matter the subject.

Envision Festival

Costa Rica

Visualizing the energy of the crowd, workshop leaders and DJ sets.

A unique experience of music and light.

Manifestivals Mexico

Capturing the energy of a mixture of conscious keynote speakers to NFT experiences.

Art Basel Miami

Augmenting NFT art Galleries across the city.

DJing in mixed reality at MoonPay.

Light Show at Yacht Party.

Abundance 360

Terranea Resort

Capturing the essence of industry leaders like Peter Diamandis and Tony Robbins.

Unexpected beauty for exhibitors selling their products.

Love Tower at Ashah

A Metaverse Light show experience using XR (AR, VR, MR).

Helping Unify humanity.

W3BX Vegas

Creating in real time talks of keynote speakers from topics about the future of web3 and crypto.

Visual Podcast

Creating in real time as a visual podcast centered around healing humanity, exponential technology, flow science, and relationships.

Feedback from others

“A delightful experience.”

“You’re like a psychedelic whiteboard artist.”

“I’ve never seen anything like this.“

“Can you do all of our presentations?”

“This is the future.”

“Wonderfully creative.”

Take your conference, retreat, festival, or meeting to the next level.

A real time visual map of words spoken mixed with beautiful art that takes a meaningful presentation to the next level.

Increase the attention and engagement of your audience with something tangible to share and remember.

Light Show has been seen, heard, and felt.

Driving Group Flow

Real-time feedback loops, novelty, and deep listening combined with increased attention lead to a beautiful unexpected experience.

A visual experience

Like a white board artist, a flow artist both writes and draws what is being said and captures the energy in the room.

Drop a group into Flow State

Flow triggers can help drop your group into flow state where the impossible becomes possible.

Maximize group flow state opportunities

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Unique Light Shows performed for hundreds of people with thousands of ai generated artworks to aid in the process.

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People who have witnessed Light Show and have been added to Flow City Colorchain, one step beyond Crypto.

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Retreat Keynotes, Festivals Sets, and Conference Talks captured. Flow Artist stacks group flow triggers using cutting edge neuroscience and AI technology.

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