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Invitation-only game harnessing the energy of the seven Chakras, designed to unite every person on Earth with their destined lover."

"Flow City presents a revolutionary business model for the future, blending exponential art-tech innovations. Here, work transforms into play, and art becomes the new currency."

We ask that you come contribute that which is easy and fun for you. It's the thing you do better than 99% of humans.

Will you be a part of this gamified journey as we move humanity from fear to flow?

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ColorChain Flow Power

  • Envision Festival
  • H11
  • Treedom
  • One Future
  • Akasah Revival
  • Conscious Cannabis
  • Continuum XR
  • Love Tower
  • Brick
  • Manifestivals
  • Samasati Sanctuary
  • Firefly Aerospace

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